UNITE HERE Local 878

UNITE HERE! Local 878 represents about 1,100 workers in the hospitality industries of Alaska. Local 878 members work at many job sites – including hotels, restaurants, food service outlets and laundries. Local 878′s parent union, UNITE HERE!, represents over 250,000 hotel, food service, and gaming workers throughout the US and Canada.

In 2004, our UNITE HERE brothers and sisters created a movement called Hotel Workers Rising!  The goal is to make hotel jobs, good, middle-class jobs.  Because so many of us work for the same big companies, we realized that we should fight for our rights on a larger scale by combining our efforts.  In doing so across state and national borders, we have successfully increased our strength and not only won better working conditions, wages and benefits for ourselves, but also new organizing rights for our non-union workers.

Learn about our current, local struggles in Alaska!

Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide all Hospitality Workers in the great State of Alaska with the opportunity to enjoy all of the benefits of belonging to a Union.  We believe every worker deserves a safe working environment, job security, a living wage, health benefits and a voice on the job. In order to accomplish this, Local 878 intends to:

  1. Organize non-union workers
  2. Negotiate strong union contracts
  3. Empower union members to help lead their union

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3 Sheraton servers and union rep wearing their union buttons