Occupy Anchorage and Sheraton hotel workers stand together

November 4, 2011 – Activists from Occupy Anchorage joined dozens of hotel workers and community supporters on the picket line outside the Sheraton Anchorage hotel. They stood together to remind greedy corporations, like the Texas based 1%ers that own and operate the Sheraton, that the 99% will not tolerate abuses of workers rights in Alaska.

Recently, an Administrative Law Judge with the National Labor Relations Board found that Sheraton managers had unlawfully coerced, threatened and terminated union activists. Furthermore, the Judge found that Sheraton management unlawfully stopped recognizing the workers’ union at the hotel. While Sheraton management attempts to appeal the judge’s decision,  workers continue their struggle to restore fair working conditions and their union rights.

Workers continue to ask the public to boycott their hotel and to date, dozens of Alaskan organizations have supported their requests by moving their business from the Sheraton to other Anchorage area hotels.

More information on the Sheraton struggle at: http://www.unitehere878.org/boycott-advisory/sheraton-anchorage/