I pledge to honor the worker called boycott Hilton Anchorage hotel. I will not eat, meet or sleep at this hotel until workers secure a fair union contract.

Booking at Anchorage hotels

When arranging accommodations or booking an event at a hotel in Anchorage, please ensure that it is protected from the effects of a labor dispute. Strikes, boycotts and picket lines can often be noisy and disruptive. To avoid these potential complications, please consider staying at a union hotel that is NOT at risk for a labor dispute.

Currently, the only hotel in Anchorage that is engaged in a labor dispute is Hilton Anchorage.

If you have booked this hotel, please relocate your event and/or accommodations to an alternate location. For future bookings, please consider adding a cancellation clause to your contract that specifically protects your event from the effects of a labor dispute. See sample language here.

For help with relocation, please contact  (907)229-7801 or (907)602-1866

Volunteer with the Local 878 Customer Outreach team

There are many ways you can add your voice to the fight for good hotel jobs in Alaska.

Contact  (907)229-7801 or (907)602-1866


Traveling to the Lower 48?

Support good hotel jobs across North America by staying at union hotels.  Visit and plug in your destination city. You can also learn which hotels to avoid because they’re currently under boycott or workers are on strike.