In 2005, the Kentucky based hospitality company, Columbia-Sussex acquired Hilton Anchorage hotel. During the first round of union negotiations in 2008, it became obvious that this company had only one interest: to force the 160 Hilton workers to accept sub-standard working conditions that included wage freezes, dangerous workloads in Housekeeping and significant cuts in healthcare.

Several months into negotiations, the hotel successfully forced workers into accepting the last and final offer. Within weeks of Columbia-Sussex’s contract implementation, Hilton workers decide to start fighting back.

Hilton workers say BOYCOTT!

In May of 2009 an overwhelming majority of Hilton workers voted to place a boycott on their hotel.  They are asking potential guests not to eat, sleep, or meet at the Hilton until the boycott is over; and they have vowed that they will not call the boycott off until they can once again support themselves and their families under a fair contract.  During this difficult economic time, these workers have decided to take a short-term financial loss in order to maintain the Anchorage industry standard in the long-term.

Currently, workers and their supporters host frequent demonstrations outside their hotel as they continue to ask the public to not patronize their hotel until they have secured a fair union contract.   Support the Boycotts, click here!

Legal Action:

After investigating unfair labor practice charges filed by Local 878, the General Counsel’s Office of the National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint.  The Anchorage Hilton settled the case with the NLRB prior to a trial.


Support the boycotts.