Senator Makes Controversial Appearance at Anchorage Hilton – The MudFlats

There are two large hotels in Anchorage that are currently under boycott for mistreatment of workers – the Anchorage Sheraton and the Anchorage Hilton. On Tuesday, August 9, The Mudflats reported that three community leaders were expelled from the office of the General Manager of the Sheraton when they came to express the concerns of the community regarding the hotel’s labor practices.

And Friday, The Hilton was the site for the latest event in a long history of protesting and picketing. That day, Senator Mark Begich was slated to address the Building Owners and Management Association (BOMA), and would have to cross the picket line to do it. The Senator arrived and entered the Hilton through a side door. There were repeated chants of, “Shame on Begich!” One woman shouted, “Only a coward sneaks in the side door!”…

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